February 25, 2010

Happy Birthday Baby Boy!

My Sweet Baby Boy is One Year old today! It's hard to believe one year ago today I was in the hospital marveling at how Beautiful he is... and wondering "How on earth did Joe and I produced a red head?!" Hahaha
I made his cake for his party on Saturday.

But we couldn't let the day pass without some little celebration. I made a few cupcakes so our little family could sing and enjoy the evening together.

Isaac got to help blow out the candle,
but not before Jacob tried to put it out with his fingers. Yikes!

I think he liked his first cupcake!

And here he is showing off his new walking skills!

I can't believe my little angel is one already! I am so blessed to have him as my own!

Happy Birthday Baby! I Love you more than you will ever know!

February 23, 2010

When I get bigger...

We have been watching the Olympics pretty often since they started. Isaac enjoys seeing all the cool things the athletes can do. He likes the skiing, and even the couples figure skating, but he wasn't so impressed with the men's figure skating....
Isaac: Where's the girl?
Mom: There isn't a girl, it's just the boy skating.
Isaac: Why?
Mom: Because sometimes the boys skate with girls and sometimes the boys skate all by themselves.
Isaac thinks about this for a minute... then says, "I don't like it! I like it when the Mommy skates with the Daddy."
Too cute!

Also, whenever Isaac sees something he likes this is his usual response....
"Maybe when I get a little bit bigger I can do that!"
Dad: "You want to try skiing fast like those guys, when you get bigger?"
Isaac: "Yeah, I will do that when I get bigger, and Jacob too!"

I love my sweet boy! I'm glad he has things to look forward too...
When he gets a "little bit bigger"

February 9, 2010

Monday... I'll start on Monday!

Have you ever said that to yourself? Weather it was a diet, or working out, or reading or cleaning or whatever it may be that you have set in your mind to start? I've said that many times in my life and usually Monday comes and goes and it never gets done.
Well, this week Monday was a very big day at the Mason house. Isaac started his first day of potty training. No more diapers, just underwear all day and pull-ups for naps and bedtime. All in all, it went really well. Only one accident. And day 2, no accidents! Pretty darn good, if you ask me. (oh, by the way, I welcome any and all tips on trainning, I have no idea what I'm doing)
Also, Jacob must have said to himself "Monday... hmm... a good day to start walking". He, all of a sudden, started taking 3 and 4 steps all on his own. He only does it when he wants too, but still, very exciting!
So, the next time you say to yourself "Monday... that's when I'll start... (whatever)". Just think, sometimes Monday is a good day to try something new.