February 15, 2012

Oregon in November

Back in November we spent over a week in Oregon with Family.

It was another amazing trip. We all had so much fun catching up with Family and visiting lots of fun new places.

Joe and I took a little side trip without the kids. Only for a few hours, but it was nice to hike down to a beach and enjoy the sunset, Just Us!

We all went to the Beach together. This has become the favorite place to play when we visit Oregon. Somehow we always get amazing weather, even in the middle of winter.

We also made a trip to the Tillamook Cheese Factory and the Air Museum. Very cool!

During November and December the zoo decorates the zoo with millions of lights. Including their train that takes you around to see the light animals displayed. Zoo lights is well worth visiting. The kids loved the train ride! They asked to do it again, but settled for walking to see more lights and sharing an elephant ear with Daddy.

We spent over 4 hours at the Children's Museum. We had only planned on staying an hour or two, but this place was AMAZING! The kids had so much fun we just decided to stay until they ran out of things to do.

Water play, "Fred Meyer shopping center", clay building, trains and cars, Lego land, camping, building a house, veterinary clinic, dress up and stage for acting, Digging in the construction pit, climbing a tree house... the list of activities and play centers goes on and on.

We all had a great time. We only decided to leave after we were all starving and way past needing naps. But despite being hungry and tired there were no tears or complaining. They just played and played for hours.

I will admit the entry fee was expensive, but totally worth the money, as long as you have time to spend a few hours there. And we learned you can bring your own food inside. We will definitely pack a lunch for our next visit.

Another Day was spent visiting the Multnomah Falls. Beautiful!

Isaac's one request for this trip, was to "play at the park across the street" from Grandma and Grandpa's house. So much fun to play outside without layers of snow gear.

This is the sledding trip we did back in Anchorage, before our Thanksgiving Day vacation.

This is what our front drive looked like before the 100 inches of snow fall this winter. Now there are huge piles of snow on either side of the driveway.