October 24, 2012

One week left...?

My official due date is October 31st. So far I have no exciting news to share. As far ask I can tell, this baby is in no hurry to come out. He/She will most likely stay as long as possible, just like the rest of my kids. Isaac was 3 days late (he came because they induced me), Jacob and Adam were both 7 days late.
As of last week my belly was measuring 39 weeks when I was only 38 weeks along. That doesn't mean baby will come a week early. It probably means I'm going to have another big baby. :) My Midwife guessed that the baby was around 7 1/2 pounds last week. I'm just hoping to stay below 11pounds this time.
(Isaac 9lbs 14oz, Jacob 10lbs 4oz, Adam 10lbs12oz)

This is the list of my families guesses for this baby. What is your guess?

Grandpa Bob -Nov. 7th 10:30am Boy 10lbs 4oz
Grandma Patti -Oct 28th 9am Girl 10lbs 1oz
Jason- Nov. 6th 11:11am Girl 9lbs 9oz
Rachal- Nov. 5th 6am Girl 10lbs 5oz
Jessica- Nov 10th 7:30am Girl 9lbs 12oz
Jared- Nov. 5th 10:30am Girl 10lbs 12oz
Jamie- Nov. 4th 8am Girl 10lbs 15oz
Grandma Afton- Nov. 8th 3:30am Girl 9lbs 5oz
Emma- Girl
Isaac- Girl
Alysa- Girl
Jacob- Boy
Avery- Boy
Drew- Girl
Adam- Girl