March 14, 2010

Mystery Solved

The mystery of the missing binki was solved later today when I was replacing the empty toilet paper roll.
That's right, Jacob was playing under the sink in the bathroom and stuck his bink inside the toilet paper. Well, at least now I know where it was hiding.

24 Hour Flu

So, today we are done with a weekend of being sick. Friday night Isaac went to a Hockey game with Grandma. Joe, Jacob and I were sitting around at home. Next thing we know, we are on our way to pick up Isaac because he threw up all over himself, Grandma and the people sitting in front of them. YUCK!
The rest of the night was spent cleaning up "spit-up". Both Isaac and Jacob took turns throwing up until about 4:00 in the morning. I don't think I have ever had to do laundry at 2am before. We went through all of our sheets, all our pillows, and about 95% of our blankets. By the time we went to sleep around 4am, all we had left were Jacob's baby blankets.
Now this wouldn't have been all that bad, accept both Joe and I were not doing so hot ourselves. I felt like I would be sick for most of the night, and same with Joe. I spent an hour up by myself after the boys had finally gone to sleep... freezing, and trying to eat something to help my tummy, and give the baby something to survive on. I was in bed by 6am and then the boys were up again by 8am. Man!
Saturday was better, no throwing up, but still feeling sick and very, very tired. I spent the day doing load after load of laundry. Plus I had to take both bed spreads to the Laundromat. Grandma went and bought us new pillows and delivered them. Thanks Momma! Then when we thought it was finally over, the house was clean and put back together, both kids in jammies and ready for bed.... We can't find Jacob's last binki. I'm guessing he must have thrown it away when we weren't looking, because we searched for it for over an hour and couldn't find it.
Of course we buy his binki's at the Natural Pantry, which was closed already. Lucky for us, I know everyone who works at the store. I called Jared and he got the binki's for us before he locked up the store for the night. Then he even brought them to our house. You are awesome Jared, Thank You!
A little more than 24 hours after it all started, we were in bed and done with it all! We woke up after 9 wonderful hours of sleep, feeling much better. Thank you Heavenly Father for only letting it last for 24 hours!

March 1, 2010

Handsome Mason Boys

They are just too cute for words! Even if I say so myself.

Thank You Great Grandma Afton for the awesome church clothes! These boys have never looked so good!