January 28, 2010

Isaac's 3rd Birthday!

My sweet baby boy turned three years old yesterday. I can't believe how fast these 3 years have gone by. I remember my Mom always telling me that time goes by way too fast when you are a mom, but I never really understood until now.
I look at my Isaac and my Jacob and can't believe how amazingly blessed I am to be their mom.

I get to be the one to take care of them and help them learn and grow every day. At times I feel so incapable of caring for 2 kids. But then Isaac will give me a sweet smile and hug and everything is better in that second.

I love you my "sweet thing"!
Oh, if I haven't mentioned it before.... Isaac is crazy about Hockey! He loves to play, talk about, watch, read and sing any and all things hockey.

January 1, 2010

Merry Christmas and ... Happy New year?

Christmas Eve we had Christmas with Grandma Afton and the rest of "Grandpa's side of the family". All the kids got in their jammies and took pictures in front of the Christmas tree.
Christmas morning stared around 7:45 at our house. The boys had fun opening their stockings and gifts in their new Christmas PJ's. Jacob wasn't real impressed with his own gifts so he had to check out Big brother's loot.

Then we tried to get a picture of them in their matching jammies... Jacob wasn't very happy about it though. He was ready for a little nap.
After showers, breakfast (which my sweet husband made for us), and Jacob had a quick nap, we got a few family pictures in front of the Christmas Tree. Then it was off to Grandma and Grandpa's house for Christmas time with the rest of the family.

The day after Christmas all the kids and the Mom's went to the Anchorage Museum. First we got a few pictures in front of the giant Christmas tree they have in the main Hall. (these kids are very well trained for pictures now)
Then we spent over an hour exploring the kids floor. It was lots of fun! Toys, building a house, tops, fishing, sailing boats, toy chandeliers, magnet shapes, tinker toys and more!

After the Museum the Dad's and Autumn went to see Avatar in XD 3D. You should see this movie!

New years eve was spent and our house again this year. We ordered pizza, Grandma brought a bag full of food, chips, drinks, bread, artichoke dip... Jason and Dad spent most of the night working on a project across town but joined us later. Mom went to the Aces game, and came later too. Jared and Joe spent most of the night playing video games. The kids ran and screamed and ate and played all over the house while Rachal, Jessica and I chatted.

Latter we tried to see how many kids we could cram into one bathtub. They had fun even though they could barely move. Alysa put a bucket on her head, it was quite cute.

Jacob was very tired and thought he needed to have every piece of food he could see. After everyone got to our house around 10:30 we started a game of "Scum" (a card game). Little Jacob fought till the very end but he finally gave in to his tired eyes. And fell asleep in Daddy's arms. So cute!
At about 11:15 most everyone in the house looked very tired, well except for the kids. Someone said maybe we should pull out the sparkling cider and celebrate early so we can all go home and get some sleep. Well, that's just what we did.... At 11:23pm the Sundberg, Reidel and Mason families rang in the "New Year". We know it's lame, but we did it anyway. Then everyone packed up and went home. Ten minutes after everyone was out the door. Joe Isaac and I sat on the couch and watched the ball drop in New York City. Happy New Year Everyone!