August 2, 2012

Looking Backwards at Our Summer

I know it been a LONG time since I've updated my blog. So here is a quick look at what we've been up to the last few months. I uploaded the pictures backwards. We are starting with July and end up in April.
 I am 27 weeks along now. This baby is growing steadily and is very happy. My doctor appointments are always very boring, which is great. No problems at all.
My biggest problem is being too warm. I know summers in Alaska are far from hot, but I have my own personal heater inside me. To help cope with the heat, I cut off 10 inches of my hair. It is a little shorter than I prefer, but it's still cute and I am glad I decided to cut the full 10 inches so it could be donated.

 My three boys are growing up faster than I can keep up. Isaac is 5 and will be going to kindergarten at the end of the month. We recently started going to "his school" playground to play.
 Adam, who is almost 2, is my little monkey. He loves to run, jump and climb as high as he can go. And always by his "self". He never wants anyone to help.
 Jacob, is 3 1/2 years, and is my mischievous little boy. He is always looking for fun, even when he knows it will make Mommy and Daddy crazy.

 The boys went on a Temple trip with our ward primary. They even got to go inside and see the front desk and waiting area. It was a neat experience for my sweet boys.

 Isaac played soccer again this summer. He LOVES it! He is learning very quickly. He's great at defence but also loves to score!

 Grandpa John and Grandma Toni came to visit. The boys love having them stay with us. And enjoy all the fun things we do while they are in town.
 Hiking and watching the fireworks.

 We took the boys out to the Solberg Cabin for a quick weekend get away. They had lots of fun playing in the water. We told them they could go in the lake with their rain boots on, and this is what happened. They ended up completely soaked while fully dressed. So much fun for my three boys.
After changing into some warm dry PJ's, I got a shot of all the clothes hanging out to dry.

 They kids loved playing on the boat, pretending to drive and row. While daddy got in some fishing.

 Our summer has been pretty rainy, but we have had some days of very hot sunny weather. Our house turns into an oven when it's sunny outside. The boys had a hard time sleeping with it being over 80 degrees in the house. This is how I found Jacob on one of those nights. So cute!

 Isaac and cousin Emma took a R.A.D Kids class. It was a very cool class and the kids learned a lot. Each of the kids will take this class when they are old enough. If you don't know what r.a.d kids are, you should look into it wherever you live. Very cool program!

 Joe and I went on a little weekend trip just the two of us. We took the Alaska train out to Denali and stayed overnight. Then came back on the train the next day. It was short, but very nice to spend some time with just my hubby and no kids.

 Isaac graduated from his last year of Joy School. We LOVED our little group of kids this year. I was sad to see it end for my sweet Isaac, but very excited to see him grow so much this past year.

 The boys enjoying being outside after a long winter.

And last, Easter Morning at our house. I love my three beautiful boys. I can't believe how fast they change and grow.