April 22, 2010

Out of contact

So, does anyone else feel like they are completely out of the loop?
I had the chance to visit with my good friend Sierra last night. (She just got back from her mission in Sweden) While talking to her, I realized... I am really out of the loop when it comes to people I know and their lives.
I'm not good at keeping up with old friends.
I don't know how to work almost anything on my face book page.
And I am awful at calling people "just to chat".
So basically... If you aren't married with 2 kids and have a blog... I just don't know what's going on with your life.
Sorry I'm lame, but I guess that's what happens after you become a mom, right?
I hope I'm not the only one.

April 12, 2010

Utah Fun

Isaac, Jacob and I went to Utah to spend some time with family and meet Baby Drew (Jessica and Jared's newborn boy).

The kids had lots of fun playing together even though we had to be inside most of the 10 days that we were there. I thought we would have beautiful sunny weather, but no, it decided to snow and hail and blow cold wind instead. Lame!
We got to celebrate Easter Sunday with Alysa this year, something that has never happened before. Here are the kids, almost awake, and waiting for their baskets. Isaac was the only one who closed his eyes.

Jacob loved the chocolate bear cookies. As you can see, he managed to get them all over his face!

After eating a few snacks from the basket, the kids hunted eggs around the living room. So much fun!
After the Easter fun, the boys and I went to Easter dinner at Megan's house (Joe's Sister). Isaac ans Jacob got to play and visit with Auntie Megan, Auntie Michelle, and Uncle Sam plus their cousins... Ashley, Jenna, Caleb, Eli and Alisha. They had fun playing with the cousins they barely know, and I had fun catching up with my siblings (in-laws if you want to be technical). Of course the two days we spent with them... I managed to only get one picture. Sad, I know!

Jacob loved his new cousin Drew. He loved to hold his hand in the car and talk to him. Isaac ans Alysa had fun singing and playing in the back seat.

We went to a place called "Jump it up!" Lots of trampolines and toys... Lots of FUN!

We also got to visit our good friends Stacia, Nate, Tayvin and Tahnyon. It was great to see them and meet their beautiful boy. No pictures, again.

Here's Jacob keeping Drew company. So cute! I hope he loves his new baby brother or sister just as much. I guess we'll have to see in August.

Alysa holding her baby brother Drew.

Finally, our last day in Utah, the sun decided to come out. So we spent lots of time at the park. The boys had so much fun running and playing on the grass.

Jacob found a new favorite... the slides!

Then after 10 days of family, friends, shopping and lots and lots of fun... It was time to say goodbye. We were sad to go, but very ready to be home.

Isaac and Jacob were very excited to see Daddy! And he was just as happy to have us back!