June 2, 2011

Joy School and Mother's Day

This year Isaac did Joy School with his two cousins. A few weeks ago, despite being 6 weeks behind (due to sick kids, and lots of vacations) we completed the year and had a little graduation.

The kids sang a few songs while wearing their crowns.

Isaac's reads: "I'm Isaac. I'm Special." Then each was presented with a certificate and a cookie for their efforts. The cookie was the best part in their eyes. Joy School is a great program I would highly recommend it to any stay-at-home mom with a preschool age child.

Mothers day, I got to spend the day with my beautiful family! I dressed up and even curled my hair for church. Took a picture with my cute little boys. Joe made me lunch and took care of the kids so I could have a nap.
Then we went to dinner at my parents house. We all helped make dinner and dessert for Mom. And gave her the Florida Family Photo Album we put together after our trip.
I love you Momma! Thank you for being the best friend a girl could ask for!
Happy Mother's Day to all you Mother's out there!