September 30, 2010

Adam's Blessing

Here are a few pictures from my trip to Oregon earlier this month. This is the first time Adam got to meet Grandma Toni and Grandpa John. As well as a few of his Aunties, Uncle and Cousins.
Auntie Rachel (And "almost cousin" Jaxson)
The next Thursday, John and Toni followed me home to Anchorage.
Grandpa cuddling with little Adam. So cute!
We went out for a small hike while they were here.

Beware of the Bears
Sunday we blessed Adam at church.
This is not exactly the nice family picture I was hoping for (my kids and husband are not great with smiling at the camera), but it's better than nothing, right?
Here is the sweet baby boy in his Blessing outfit.

September 19, 2010

Hospital Stay

So, Sunday night Adam had a fever of 100.2 degrees. He had kind of a rough night, but wasn't doing too bad. Monday he was very unhappy and still very warm. I decided to take him in to see if maybe he had gotten an ear infection while we were in Portland.
When we arrived in the Emergency room the nurse was very concerned with his 102 degree temperature and sent us directly to the doctor. They quickly told me that at this age (he was only 17 days old) babies do not get fevers unless there is something very wrong. Oh no!
For the next 4 hours they proceeded to give him every test possible to find out what was causing him to have such a high fever. They did everything from blood tests, urine tests and (to my horror) a spinal tap to check his spinal fluid for infection. After all the tests were finally done, and many tears, mine and Adams, we were admitted to the pediatric department. And told we would be there for at least 48 hours until they could grow cultures with all his tests and find out what is wrong.
Meanwhile, they started him on antibiotics and Tylenol to bring down his fever. I stayed with Adam in the hospital while my wonderful family all helped with taking care of my kids and cleaning my house. Thank you so much! I don't know what I would do without all your help!
By Wednesday they found that he had a Bladder infection, but still didn't have results for his blood tests. Thursday, still no more results, and they thought we would have to stay until Monday, because there were no nurses available to give him home care.
Friday morning they said his blood tests were clean as well as his spinal fluid. And to my great relief an opening came up with the home care nurses and they told us by that afternoon we would be able to GO HOME!
After 5 days of living at hospital, having my sweet baby poked and prodded and connected to machines, and not seeing Isaac and Jacob for more than a few minutes each day (and watching them cry each time I had to say goodbye)... I was ecstatic to be going home. Not to mention Joe's parents were now in town for the weekend so we could do Adam's baby blessing at church.
This was probably the most emotionally exhausting week of my entire life. I am so grateful this week is behind me and my baby is happy and healthy again.

Wedding Bells in Portland

When Adam was only 13 days old, He and I waved goodbye to Daddy, and big brothers... then jumped on an airplane to Portland Oregon. One of my best friends, Angelina, was getting married, and (despite having a brand new baby and having to leave my other two boys at home) I wasn't gonna miss it!
The Cute Couple
Winding up for a kiss
The wedding favors
The cake, yummy!
The toast, with the giant root beer mugs, awesome!
Removing the garter
The First Dance
The Friends
Lindsey, Amanda, Angelina, Emily, Autumn, Erinn

I'm so glad I made this trip! Congrats Angelina and Wayne! I'm so happy for you!

Alaska State Fair

We made a short trip out to the Fair this year. First we checked out the animals. Isaac was brave and tried petting a few with Daddy. Jacob didn't want anything to do with the animals.
Then we found some food... You can't go to the fair without getting an elephant ear and a big block of french fries. After we ate, Isaac tried out the Hockey booth.
Then before heading home, we watched the horse trick show. Then it was back home for a nap. Short and sweet, yummy food... that's how a trip to the fair should be.

September 3, 2010

Adam's First Photo Shoot...

This week Adam had his first real photo shoot. My best Friend Amanda wanted to try a newborn shoot. And lucky for us Adam go to be the newborn. As you can see she takes amazing pictures! Thank you Manda! Adam, you are adorable, I love you my sweet baby!