July 28, 2009

Another Baby on the way!

Jessica is pregnant! Yeah, I'm so excited my sis is going to have another little one. She's due around March 15th, 2010.

Everyone is pregnant, I'm starting to feel left out. :) Silly I know, especially since I just had a baby 5 months ago. But really... Jessica, Rachal, Manda, Stacia are all prego. I'm sure a few more of my friends will be announcing a baby sometime soon too.

Congrats everyone! I love babies!

July 6, 2009

Baby on the way!

No, I'm not expecting a baby. I need at least a year before I start that all over again. :)
Rachal (my sister-in-law) is pregnant!
Last night after family dinner we were all sitting around, chatting, in the living room. Like every Sunday night. Jason kept asking Emma to go get her diaper bag and bring it to him. After a few minutes she finally went and found it. Jason pulled out an envelope and asked Emma to give it to Jessica. It was a birthday card that Rachal had made for her. Jessica opened it and started reading the message inside. Jason kept telling her to read it out loud. Inside it said something like this...
"We weren't sure what to get you for your birthday, so we decided to let you be the first to know Rachal is pregnant! Love, Jason, Rachal, Emma and Baby Sundberg" Included was an ultrasound picture.
Baby is due around January 15th 2010. Yeah! We are all so excited for you Jase and Rach! Congrats! We love you!

July 5, 2009

We Love Summer!

This summer has been busy and fun for our family. I love that we are finally getting a good summer in Alaska. It has been sunny and above 60 degrees for most of the summer. Yeah! We have spent a lot of time outside enjoying the beautiful weather, Bike rides a couple times a week (some with just me and my two baby boys), Camping, music in the park twice a week, Barbeque's, lunch dates with friends and drives along the inlet and of course garage sales.

This summer we discovered Music in the Park. Down town on 4th and E st, Mondays and Wednesdays, 12-1pm there are bands and groups of musicians that play mini concerts. We pack picnic lunches, usually just PB&J and fruit of some kind, sit in the grass and listen to the fun music. The kids sometimes run around and play and climb the trees nearby. It's great fun for everyone.

A few weeks ago Kate, one of my best friends from high school contacted me through Facebook. I hadn't talked to her in over 4 years! (Sad, I know) She said she was coming back to Anchorage to visit soon and wanted to get together for lunch. Jessica, another of my best friends I haven't talked to in years, Kate, Alie (Kate's sister) Me, Isaac, Jacob and Rob? (Kate's Boyfriend) all met at Moose's Tooth for lunch. It was fun to catch up and talk about what life used to be like. It's amazing how fast life has changed each of us. But despite 4 years of being apart and each having different lives.... we still are good friends, and I hope it will always stay that way. Good luck in Germany Jessica and Congrats on the Teaching Job Kate! I love you Girls!

A few weekends ago the whole family (Mom, Dad, Jamie, Jason, Rachal, Emma, Jessica, Jared, Alysa, Joe, Me, Isaac and Jacob) went camping. Or RV-ing, I'm not sure most people would consider this camping. :) We rented an RV and borrowed another and drove down to Kenai for the weekend. We stayed Friday night, Saturday and Sunday morning. We cooked over the campfire, had smores, went canoeing on the lake and slept in our nice warm campers. The boys went fishing and the rest of us went swimming at a nearby pool. It was a lot of fun! We got rained on a little bit but overall we had pretty good weather. Of course, with all the clothes and toys I brought I forgot a coat for little Jacob (pretty bad on my part). So he got to wear my sweater all weekend. He looked like a little monk with that big hood on. Goodness he's cute!

The last few Saturdays, I have gotten up early and snuck out of the house before all the boys wake up. Thanks to my Hubby, who is so willing to let me get out by myself for a few hours, while he watches our boys. I spend the morning with my Mom (and Jessica came one week) hunting all over town for good deals. Most of the time I don't find much (which is good, so I can't spend a lot of money) but it is so nice to have some time to spend with just my Mom and Sis.
One week I came home to this both the boys "burritoed" on the floor. Isaac thought it was really funny to be all wrapped up like Jacob. Cute!

A few weeks ago I was headed over to visit "Grandma's House". Mom said they were about to drive out to Beluga Point to play on the rocks. We decided to tag along. The drive was beautiful and sunny! When we got there it was very windy! So Jacob and I spent most of the time in the car, while everyone climbed down the the water and played. (Jacob still doesn't like the wind in his face. He gasps and looks like he can barely breath, poor baby!) I did get a few pictures of the family up on the rocks. I love our beautiful state!
This is Mickayla, Isaac's newest Best Friend. Every night when we say prayers with Isaac, we have to remember to say "thank you for Mickayla" otherwise there is lots of crying and screaming. Now that's love! :)

Happy birthday America! and Happy Birthday Jessica!
Friday night we drove out to Eagle River to see the fireworks. I love going out and visiting with friends we haven't seen in a while and watching the fireworks. We bring camping chairs and blankets and watch the fireworks on the church lawn. This year Isaac did not enjoy the noisy show. There was lots of crying and (this is so sad) he was asking to "go home and take a nap". Isaac hates naps! So you know he really doesn't like something if he is willing to take a nap just to get away. My poor boy!
Jacob, on the other hand, sat with me and watched with wide eyes. And about half way through the show, turned toward me and went to sleep. So sweet. Jamie cried through half the show too until Alysa distracted her. My niece, Alysa, the little dare devil, was running around yelling "whooo hooo!", she wasn't bothered at all by the giant bursts of color and chest rattling booms. Nope, she was having a blast! She is so stinking cute! Once Jamie noticed Alysa, Jamie said "why isn't SHE scared?" then stopped crying and enjoyed the rest of the fireworks.
Saturday morning we got up and loaded the kids into my bike trailer. Joe and I (and the boys) rode from our house to the park strip where we met the rest of the family to watch the parade. The parade was fun, nothing terribly exciting, like every year, but still fun to watch. Then we rode home for lunch.
After lunch it was time to get ready for the big Sundberg BBQ/birthday party for Jessica. Of course there was a ton of food. This year the party was kind of quiet. A few friends showed up, but not a huge group like normal. It was kinda nice, a little less crazy and easier to visit with the people who did come. After the guests left we took a few pictures of "the girls" (except little Emma, who spent the week with her Grandma in Kenai). It was a good day! And we even got the boys to bed at a decent time, it was great!
Happy birthday Sis! I love you!