November 2, 2011

Family Portraits 2011

A few weeks back we did another round of family pictures. They turned out great. The kids did pretty well. There were very few breakdowns this year. Here are a few of those pictures.

(There are better ones, I just don't have them on MY computer yet)

Joe, Autumn, Isaac, Jacob and Adam.

The Entire Sundberg Family!

Jessica, Jared, Alysa and Drew

Dad, Mom and Jamie Rose

Jason, Rachal, Emma and Avery
Grandma, Grandpa and all the Grandbabies!
Grandpa bought all the kids and grandkids "Thing" shirts. So much fun!

Thanks Grandpa!

September 15, 2011

Seward Camping and more

The night before our kayaking trip we drove down to Seward and camped overnight with the kids. We have never taken them tent camping before, and we were a little concerned how well they would do sleeping in a tent with no movie to put them to sleep.
We ate dinner and played out by the fire for a little while before bedtime.
The kids had lots of fun and enjoyed their hot dogs and marshmallows.

When it was time for bed, we put them down, said goodnight and didn't hear a sound from them until morning. It was amazingly easy.

I guess we should spend more time in the "great outdoors" before bed.

I on the other hand, could not sleep, at all. I spent half the night trying desperately to sleep and the other half tyring to read my book by the light of my cell phone. I was very glad when 5:30 rolled around and I could get up and get ready for the day.

Jessica, Jared, Grandpa and Auntie Jamie took care of the boys for us while we went on our kayaking trip. After we finished we met them at the park.
The boys had a blast playing on this amazing playground. If you haven't had the chance to go to this park while in Seward, you are missing out. It is great!

After packing up our camp and getting some lunch we decided to hike to Exit Glacier. It was lots of fun, even though we had to carry the kids half the time. They aren't great at long walks yet.

We even crossed the little river to see the glacier close up. When you get that close, it gets windy and cold but it's worth the extra walk.

Here the kids were trying to catch drips of, thousand year old, water on their tongues. Grandpa said they looked "like puppies trying to nurse from their momma". So cute, and funny to watch!

I'm so glad we could have such an Alaska adventure filled weekend!

September 12, 2011

Six years and counting!

I'm a few weeks late, but Joe and I have been married for Six Years...

and are on our way to seven!

For our Anniversary this year we drove down to Seward and spent 4 hours on a kayaking/ hiking trip. I wasn't sunny, but it was still beautiful. There was a very short "hike" (more like a quick walk) to this "bridal veil waterfall".
It was a lot of fun and very pretty.

We saw a few Eagles, and some fish jumping, jellyfish, and birds that can dive underwater.

Happy Anniversary Babe! I Love You!

September 8, 2011

Catching up for Summer 2011

This summer has been so nice!

This has been one of the best summers I can remember for a long time.

Lots of sun, and warm days.

Fourth of July we took the kids to the parade and the fireworks,

and of course Auntie Jessica's birthday party barbecue.
Isaac played soccer again this summer. He loved it!

Last year he enjoyed playing, but only with Daddy. He never wanted anything to do with the coaches or any of the other kids.

This summer was a complete turn around. He ran right out there and played, and loved every minute of it. I'm so proud of my boy and how much he is growing up.

With the weather being so nice and warm

we took many trips to the park and played in the sand and sun.

Our first trip I was not prepared at all. I let the kids put just their feet in the water. But poor Jacob fell in and got soaked. I had to take his shirt off so it could dry a little. Then Isaac and Jamie both wanted to get in the water. After two hours we walked home soaking wet, fully clothed and covered from head to toe with sand. (Sorry I don't have pictures of that right now)

I quickly learned to just put them in swim clothes and water shoes before leaving the house. Plus, pack the beach toys, lunch and towels. What a wonderful summer!

September 2, 2011

Adam's 1st Year!

My Little Adam turned 1 year old last Saturday.

It's amazing to me how fast this year has gone and how much our little baby has grown.

I never thought I would end up with a red-head.

When Adam was born I couldn't believe we got two!

I love your sweet smile, feisty attitude that's starting to come through. And even though it's sometimes painful, I love that you love my hair.

Happy Birthday Baby Adam! I Love You!