June 2, 2009

When Grandma & Grandpa Come

This weekend John and Toni (Joe's Parents) came to stay. Yeah! Sadly, they only got to stay for 2 days. Isaac loved having them here. I think he remembered John from being here last summer. They were best friends right away and as soon as Toni gave Isaac a toy car, they were great friends too. Jacob was his usual smiley self. He loved Grandma and Grandpa's visit too.

Sunday the entire family and a few friends came to church with us to give Jacob his Name and Blessing. Joe gave the blessing, John, Dad (Bob) Bishop Kimpton, Josh, and Ben were in the circle. Thank you everyone for coming to share Jacob's special day with us!

Later that night we had a steak dinner at Mom and Dad's, thank you Mom! Then visited until almost 11pm.

Monday, Joe took the day off so we could spend all day with "Grandma and Grandpa". After sleeping in and playing in the backyard with Isaac's new soccer ball (thank you Grandpa John!). We finally decided to go to Whittier for lunch and to explore. I exchanged cars with Dad (thank you Daddy!) It was much more fun that we could all ride in one car together.

When we got to the Whittier tunnel, we had a 40 minute wait. So, we got out and played along the road in the rocks and watched the train go by. Isaac really liked seeing the train. He also liked the tunnel, I wasn't so excited about it. That tunnel is long and a little scary.

When we got through the tunnel we stopped at John's favorite "fish and chips" place in Alaska. It's called "Varley's Swiftwater Seafood". Toni bought us lunch, it was very good! Thanks Toni! Then we looked in a few of the little shops around town.

Isaac really wanted to "go see water over there". So, after a short drive we found another of John's favorite stops. A picnic area on the river that overlooks the entrance to the ocean. It was beautiful! The boys climbed down to the rock bed and skipped rocks for about and hour while Toni, Jacob and I watched from up the hill. It was a perfect day. Sunny, warm, no wind and no bugs!

We spent the rest of the night relaxing at home, ordered pizza, played a game, watched some TV. Then with hugs and a few tears (of course I was the one who was crying) we said goodbye. Joe dropped John and Toni at the airport around midnight. We are so happy you could come and visit, we wish we could see you more often! Hopefully Christmas will come soon! We love you!